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What we want

Publié le 24 novembre 2008 - modifié le 24 septembre 2018

Genres Pluriels was created in 2007 and aims to make visible the existence of fluid genders, transgender and intersex people and defend their rights.

What we want :

— Withdrawing fluid genderS and intersex people to psychiatric care

— Removing trans-identity from the list of mental illnesses

— Abrogating official protocols and replacing them with a voluntary medical follow-up

— Allowing immediate modification of one’s civil status (first name) regardless of one’s biological gender, for free and on demand

— Excluding any mention of gender on official and administrative documents

— Abrogating the concept of "sole head of the family", as it is the expression of the sexist, heterosexist and heteronormative nature of the currently admitted social construct

— Offering asylum to gender fluid, transgender or intersex people whose health or life would be threatened if they were returned to their country of origin

— Ensuring the right to adoption and medically assisted procreation for fluid gender, intersex or transgender people

— Stopping normalizing hormonal and surgical treatments imposed on intersex babies without informed consent of their parents