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Leslie Feinberg

Publié le 8 juin 2008

Leslie Feinberg (born September 1, 1949) is a transgender activist, speaker, and author. Feinberg is a high ranking member of the Workers World Party and a managing editor of Workers World newspaper.

Feinberg’s writings on LGBT history, "Lavender & Red," frequently appear in the Workers World newspaper. Feinberg’s partner is the prominent lesbian poet-activist Minnie Bruce Pratt. Feinberg has also been involved in Camp Trans and has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Starr King School for the Ministry for transgender and social justice work.

Feinberg’s novel Stone Butch Blues, which won the Stonewall Book Award, is a novel based around Jess Goldberg, a transgendered individual growing up in an unaccepting setting. Despite popular belief, the fictional work is not autobiographical. This book is frequently taught at colleges and universities and is widely considered a groundbreaking work about gender.

Leslie Feinberg is Jewish and was born female and today prefers gender-neutral pronouns "hir" and "ze". Feinberg writes : "I have shaped myself surgically and hormonally twice in my life, and I reserve the right to do it again."

Books by Leslie Feinberg

* Transgender Liberation : A Movement Whose Time Has Come. 1992, World View Forum. ISBN 0-89567-105-0

* Stone Butch Blues. 1993, San Francisco : Firebrand Books. ISBN 1-55583-853-7

* Transgender Warriors : Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman. 1996, Boston : Beacon Press. ISBN 0-8070-7941-3

* Trans Liberation : Beyond Pink or Blue. 1999, Beacon Press. ISBN 0-8070-7951-0

* Drag King Dreams. 2006, New York : Carroll & Graf. ISBN 0-7867-1763-7

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