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Invitation to the all genders belong festival

Publié le 9 novembre 2009

From 20th until 29th november 2009 in different places in Brussels.

Affiche du festival GPs

The aim of the organizing the verbal, artistic, cultural and cinematographical exchanges that make up this festival is to help fight the discrimination that gender-fluid and intersex individuals are subjected to in our society.

The Genres Pluriels team would first like to invite you to the day-long "Being Transgendered in Belgium" conference organized by the Institute for Equality of Women and Men, on Friday, November 20, 2009, International Trans Remembrance day.
The day’s events will include a presentation of the Institute’s "trans survey", in which Genres Pluriels participated.

The festival will officially open at 5 pm, with the opening of an exhibition by queer photographer Naïel entitled "Destroy Genders or Fucking Genders" at the Brussels’ Rainbow House. At 10, the party gets going at Métro Valdi in collaboration with L-week.

Saturday, November 21 is devoted to "sex and gender diversity". The day’s events are organized in collaboration with the Quinzaine des femmes (Women’s fortnight) and will take place at the Brussel’s town hall. A critical analysis of the portrayal of women will be given in two parts. Laurence Ngosso of Genres Pluriels will discussthe image ascribed to women in the arts, film and literature, and Robin Van Royen and Evie Embrechts from Feministische ActieBende (Feminist Action Group) will present oncontemporary media and advertising.

Sexual determinism and its impact on gender will be broached by Joëlle Wiels, a biologist at the CNRS, and paleoanthropologist Evelyne Peyre (CNRS/MNHN) will discussthe effects of gender on sex.

Later don’t miss "Attack on public gender", put on by the Drag Kings of Brussels at 8 in Pink Ponk.

On Sunday the 22nd, the day’s discussions will be devoted to the trans- and intersex-related topics with presentations by Maud-Yeuse Thomas and Karine Espineira (Sans Contrefaçon), Stéphanie Nicot (Trans-Aide) and Genres Pluriels.
It is our true pleasure to present a collection of short films that simultaneously disturb, stimulate and encourage reflection on the society in which we live.

On the 22nd, Binding words, a documentary about the trans and intersex movements, will be screened alongside short films. On Friday the 27th, the Schaerbeek cultural center is opening its doors and providing a comfortable atmosphere for the showing of XXY and Venus Boyz.

Don’t miss the opportunity to practically deconstruct gender at the drag king workshop on Saturday the 28th and/or the body continuum workshop on Sunday the 29th.

To close the festival, there’s a party featuring transqueer artists such as the controversial electroclash performance duo, King’s Queer, on Saturday the 28th.

The festival team