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...And Others!

Gepubliceerd op 3 oktober 2011

- Argumentation Training for Transgender Inclusion in Europe

- A ’Good Practice’ Toolkit for Trans* Activists and Allies

- Working for Trans* Equality, Rights and Inclusion

...And Others! gratefully acknowledges the EU Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme and the National Agencies for their foresight and support in funding this collaborative project.

The project would not have been completed without the engagement and
assistance of the following groups and individuals:

  • Richard Köhler, Anne Stalfort and Leo Y. Wild for creating and managing the project
  • Vlatka Frketi? and Persson Perry Baumgartinger from Diskursiv, Austria
  • Emma Smith from Support Transgenre Strasbourg
  • Participants at the 3rd European Transgender Council in Malmö, Sweden for their insightful input, feedback and suggestions for improvement
  • All of the people who took part in the Serious Game audio-visual installation, as well as those who experienced it and left their thoughtful comments
  • Hilary Third, Scottish Government member of the European Governmental Network of LGBT Focal Points
  • The Council of Europe LGBT-Employee Group

URL : http://pccsxb.net/dl/sts/text/and_others.pdf (PDF 19
MB file)

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