The belgian Trans*/Inter* Psycho-Médico-Social Network

About 5 % of the Belgian (and global) population is transgender and/or intersex.
In order to be able to receive and redirect transgender and/or intersex people towards psycho-medical-social services that are aware and trained in the respectful...

ICD-11 depathologizes Trans and Gender Diverse identities

Organizations from across the world have signed a joint statement and call to action to join with trans* organizations in working together to fully dismantle pathologization.
During the 72nd World Health Assembly (WHA), taking place from 20 – 28...

Press release by 6 associations for Belgian Pride 2016

Belgium must respect the fundamental rights of transgender people
In 2014, the Federal Government Agreement stated that "’the Law on Transsexuality of May 10th, 2007’ would be adapted in accordance with the international human rights...

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Genres Pluriels’ Staff Team:
Psychologist. Counseling on fluid genders, transgender and gender identity issues. Also in charge of GPs’...